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I've dealt with countless provider, including physical therapists, for more than 10 years trying to resolve my pain from numerous medical conditions. Pain meds weren’t the answer & other treatments only helped to make my pain manageable. The pain was so bad that when the VA wouldn’t cover treatment, I paid out of pocket at times.

In just 3 visits, Origin Rehab helped my pain to become better than it’s been in over 10 years & we continue to make progress. I’ve seen numerous orthopedists, PTs, & others over the years, but none taught me how to ease my pain level like Origin Rehab. I highly recommend them. They truly care about their patients."


US Army & US Ariforce, Ret.

"I referred the mother of a dear friend to Origin Rehab & there are no words for the difference they were able to make in just a few sessions. I highly recommend Origin Rehabilitation."


Charlotte, NC

"People are what make a business & Origin Rehab is made up of the best people! If you want someone dedicated to your recovery & invested in your well-being then you want to go to Origin!"


Indin Trail, NC


You were created for a purpose & your body was given the ability to recover from injury. Pain is often a piece of a larger puzzle that we need to understand & investigate. This is where Origin gets its name.


Our mission is to put the “care” back in healthcare. We will accomplish our mission & improve the health & well-being of our community one person at a time by truly listening to each of our clients.

Our promise is to provide only the highest quality care when, where & how it’s needed to each person.


Every visit is 1-on-1 so that you have 100% of our attention every time. You'll even have access to text or email your provider those questions you think of as soon as they leave the room. We believe this leads to a better relationship which leads to better, faster & more permanent results.

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